It’s time to exfoliate your skin

All of us may be aware of the variety of methods and products which help exfoliate the skin weather it is skin scrubbing with different kinds of formulas; coffee formula, detox formula and many more to satisfy the skin loving individuals. The popular tools for scrubbing the skin are facial massager, luffa scrub, pumice stone, etc. and still many not mentioned.

All of these efforts are believed to help scrub off old skin cells or what we call “dead skin”. A common misconception is that dead skins are dirty and unpleasant but in reality, it is the “epidermis” or the surface layer which helps protect our skin from dust, pollution, UV rays and bacteria. This shield is necessary to keep unwanted elements from entering our pores.

However if the skin does not exfoliate for a long period of time, the accumulated dead skin will cause blockage around the skin pores and pile up the dirt and bacteria. The facial skin is especially sensitive to dead skin accumulation due to constant exposure. Neglecting the importance of exfoliation may cause dull complexion, rough skin, clogged pores, weaken skin and ultimately wrinkles. Clearly the last thing anyone wants.

“How to exfoliate your skin without damage”Introducing the latest program…
The often asked question is “how can exfoliation work without damaging the skin”. Romrawin Clinic introduces Snow Peel Program, 1 of the 5 steps of 5D Program which you will really regret missing on. The program focus on gentle exfoliation of old skin, improve skin complexion and shed the accumulated dead skin clogging the pores; reducing dark spots simultaneously. The results allow you to showcase new skin with natural look of smoother and brighter appearance. Even more, the pores will become tighter and wrinkles less visible. Lastly, Snow Peel Program also helps make acne scar shallower.

After treatment, the skin will undergo a restoration process which requires special care. The doctor recommends using moisturizing cream or skincare products with moisturizing components. This enhances the effectiveness of exfoliation and restoration for the most satisfying results.
Exfoliate your skin with Snow Peel Program just once a month is like giving your skin a new life. The dull and rough complexion will instead turn bright and youthful. Give confidence to your skin.
Give confidence to your skin.
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