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What is Shining Bright Program?

A laser for treating melasma, freckles and dark spots by using a new technique invented in Australia call FEM, Fast Edge Micropulse technology. It allows the emission of light as fast as 22,000 pulses per second to gently penetrate the skin to suppress VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) in the deep dermis. VEGF triggers melasma formation and acts like blood supply to melasma.

The Shining Bright Program is different from other laser technology that is used to treat melasma out there. Older technology uses 1mm. laser probe while Shining Bright uses 5 mm. laser probes to treat in larger area with higher energy emitting from the probe. This actually allows the patient to feel less discomfort with the light spreading more evenly on to the skin. Most importantly, the results will be much more visible.
Furthermore, the duration between each treatment will be lengthen as the older technology which uses 1mm. probe; the doctor may schedule the appointment every 2-3 weeks.

However, the Shining Bright Program allows the appointment gap as long as 4-6 weeks. This will benefit not only your time and cost but also limit your skin exposure to the laser as well.
What can Shining Bright Program do?

• Improves complexion for whiter and brighter skin
• Reduce dark spots
• Reduce melasma and freckles while preventing future spread of melasma
• Treat skin rashes
• Treat thin area of scars
• Treat dark spots from acne
• Treat red spots from acne
• Treat thin area of birth mark
• Treat stretch marks

How does the treatment feel?
Patient will not feel much discomfort during treatment, some area of the skin may feel soft pickling feel similar to light touches from needle. After treatment, patient may feel slight warmth and experience redness on the skin. This will normally disappear within 1 day.

After treatment care
Patient can resume daily activity as normal. Should the skin experience some discomfort from the heat, use cold towel to gently cool down the skin. Sunscreen on treated area is recommended after treatment and avoids facial scrubs.
Why Romrawin Clinic Patients like Shining Bright Program?

1. Results can be seen within 1-2 days after treatment
2. When you have social functions or need to attend an important day, Shining Bright is suitable for urgent treatment
3. The comfort of the treatment process without needing anesthetic
4. The treatment consumes about 30 minutes of your time
5. Most patients enjoy the fact that their makeup can be easily spread onto the skin and stick for a longtime without needing to add more makeup throughout the day, making them feel more confident.

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