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One of the most common problems…

about intimate areas is a stretched vagina caused by the deterioration of the vaginal wall, which mainly results from the loss of collagen fibersNormally, the vaginal wall has collagen fibers which work as a structure that makes the vagina tight and flexibleAging or dilation of vagina from natural childbirth causes deterioration or laceration of the collagen fibersand therefore leads to vaginal relaxationThe reason why most patients do not receive treatment is because some do not develop symptoms or the symptoms are not severeHowever, some patients do not receive treatment because they feel embarrassed or do not know that this condition can be treated.

Causes and risk factors of vaginal relaxation

  1. 1.Aging especially menopause that leads to lack of estrogen
    Pregnancy and conditions of vaginal delivery, especially difficult cases or cases that use equipment to facilitate delivery. Approaches for vaginal relaxation treatment
    LoveLift program is a newly introduced program to treat vaginal relaxationIts advantages are no pain, no wound, no recuperation, and intercourse is allowed within 6 hours after treatmentThe principle of this technology is to use mild radio waves at the right temperature to treat the outer and inner areas of the vaginaIt is safe and the results are satisfactory and ultimately meet the needs and expectations of patientsIt is certified by the US FDA and Thai FDA, and has also been awarded Best Feminine Rejuvenation Device 2016 from The Aesthetic Industry Awards.Results

    Outer intimate areas – simulates collagen production as well as tighten and reduce wrinkles on the surrounding skin to make it smoother and firmer.

Inner intimate areas the energy will help tighten and add flexibility to the vaginal wall, stimulate the function of the nervous system, and increase blood flow to that area to improve its function, improve the function of glands, and produce body fluids that nourish, moisturize and remove diseases as a natural system. If applicable, it can also help treat stress urinary incontinence.


Suitable for
– Those with vaginal relaxation from natural vaginal delivery
– Those with dry and painful vagina
– Those with stress urine incontinence
– Those with lack of sensation during intercourse.The treatment can increase satisfaction significantly.
– Those with outer intimate areas that are stretched or not naturally aesthetic.

Pretreatment preparation
– Not during menstruation
– Conducted a vaginal examination with normal results within 2 years
– No inflammatory or infectious conditions


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